Luxury Boost® Sticky Bra - Ivory Cream

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Luxury Boost® Sticky Bra - Ivory Cream


Ivory cream luxury sticky bra with blace lace.

Super secure strapless solution.

Secret Boost®  push-up cups to give you that extra bit of confidence and style.

Glamorous gold center clasp allows you to adjust your cleavage.

Available A to D.

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Size guide
Size guide

If your band size is 28 to 34 - choose the same cup size partybra.

If your band size is 36 to 38 - choose the size above.

If your band size is 40 to 44 - choose two sizes above.

If you are inbetween sizes select the bigger size.

Immaculate ivory and black lace sticky bra.

This would be the perfect sexy, strapless solution to your light colored dresses or halternecks.

Disrcete Boost®  push-up cups.

Gold colored center clasp adorned with gems.

A real luxury sticky bra available in A to D.